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International Cyprus Trust

International Cyprus Trust is a recognized investment protection tool. Trusts provide a high degree of confidentiality and reliability of investment assets for effective planning, create protection against the claims of creditors and third parties.

Characteristics of the International Cyprus Trust

  • The Creator of the Trust the Settlor and the Beneficiaries must not be tax residents in Cyprus during the year preceding the year of creating a Trust (they may become tax residents subsequently);
  • All matters in relation to a Cyprus Trust are determined in accordance with Cyprus Law;
  • The Settlor has the right to reserve many powers including, the powers to revoke or amend the trust, to instruct the Trustee, to appoint and remove trustees, the protector or the enforcer, to change the law regulating the Cyprus Trust or the place of its administration and others;
  • The Trust may last for an indefinite period ;
  • The income of the Trust may be accumulated without limitations ;
  • The law regulating a Cyprus Trust may be changed to another foreign law ;
  • The trustees of the Cyprus Trust are bound by confidentiality and cannot disclose information or documents unless they are ordered by a Cyprus Court or are required by law in certain defined circumstances

Our Services:

We advice clients about the creation of the International Cyprus Trust, including structure ideas for creating, managing and drafting all required legal documents

We advice clients and trustees about issues arising in relation to a Trust

We provide Trustee, administration, management and other related services

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